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Looking the people over, he noticed that the group was composed of three men and a woman, definately human in appearance.
It was his belief that they were definately not from LeMars.

Source: Until the End of Time
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However, as poetry has evolved, the strictness of the form has definately become more relaxed.
I do agree with most of the poets in that poetry is definately a deep expression of the soul.

Source: A conflict of paradigms: social epistemology and the collapse of literary
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Definately Dinosaurs

Bibliographic information
TitleDefinately Dinosaurs
AuthorsMary Packard, Paradise Press, Incorporated, Bill Hartman
PublisherParadise Press, Incorporated, 2000
ISBN1576571289, 9781576571286
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Dave Carrol said: "It definetly gave customers a voice in the world. For $150 I was able to make a video that when posted on YouTube went viral and today it is at over 11 million hits."

Source: Scotland Tonight
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"We got to perform with LMFAO, Jason Derulo; they were defiantly the highlight" YMS told Nova FM's Christo & Katie.

Source: Nova FM
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Mayor Gary Hansen summed up the consensus of the council, saying appointing someone to fill Hobbs' seat was definetly the best strategy.

Source: Willows Journal
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This will definetlycause some major traffic and re-routing for people who are trying to travel to Middletown, Holmdel or the Atlantic Highlands.

Source: Rumson-Fair Haven Patch
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So, there is a huge need of innovative talents, that can "bridge the differences between radically different cultures, multinational cultures", facing very rapidly changing, fast moving environments "where business is not definetly business as usual".

Source: Forbes
Link: www.forbes.com/sites/robertobonzio/2011/10/28/hunting-talents-for-big-revolution-in-business/

As the world debates whether or not Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are still a couple, there is one person that Kutcher is definately locking lips with.

Source: The Inquisitr
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This is definately a case of "Dumb and Dumber"!

Source: Examiner.com
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